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Chosis is an award-winning, published, NYC based photojournalist and fiercely independent street photographer. He specializes natural high light, color photography and is drawn to candid, intimately truthful urban moments. A self-taught pioneer in the field of street photography, he has become synonymous with city storytelling depicting intensly dynamic, ever changing emotional narratives.

Some of Chosis's favorite artists include LeRoy Neiman, Andy Warhol, Alan Wilson Watts, Alexander Theodore Shulgin, Banksy and Georgia O'Keeffe. He attempts to stay somewhat unidentified so that he is able to easily blend in with the public allowing him to continue taking candid street photographs.

Email: ContactChosis@gmail.com

The "Ch" in Chosis is pronouced like the Ch in chemistry, stomach and chiral.

No, Chosis has never been on 4chan nor posted there. Please stop trolling.

Please leave a message in the box below for Chosis. No sign up required. Just type below in the gray box and hit send. Raw and untethered; like life. Comments are anonymous.

 A successful pink porcupine squeaks
Thanks for trying to male /p/ better by posting content and trying to discuss things. Septogust 70 at 968:52 MT

A successful pink porcupine squeaks
I dont always agree with you, but its super annoying hearing people tell you to buzz off and quash discussion. Septogust 70 at 969:33 MT

A hungry grey cat whispers
Go viral already Septogust 72 at 910:12 MT

A tired grey camel said
These make me feel a little bit more than other picture sites of the same genre. My favourites are the fake Bugatti and the Erir Art museum. Septogust 73 at 634:69 MT

A stressed yellow bull says
I enjoy your narration of the photos that having been removed from Instagram. Good luck with the future. Septogust 73 at 635:14 MT

A happy green frog says
Many technically ready shots. I just wish there was some spice to the actual shots/framing etc, to match up with the great stories. Septogust 73 at 635:38 MT

A charming turquoise mole whispers
Love your photography! Don�t stop what you�re doing!! Nocember 3 at 561:75 MT

A resourceful crimson mule declares
hi chosis Nocember 3 at 726:65 MT

A proud grey leopard communitcates
Absolutely love your workNocember 32 at 160:23 MT

A gregarious charcoal tiger announces
I like your comments about the photos you shoot. Nocember 42 at 456:94 MT

A cool golden brown coyote announces
Keep doing what you're doing man. And have fun on your trip! Nocember 47 at 151:33 MT

A huge golden brown iguana says
yasssssss Nocember 56 at 266.19 MT

A enthusiastic grey jellyfish squeaks
I love when you tell stories with your photos. They are always very interesting. Cant wait for you to post your work in Erie Nocember 69 at 293.29 MT

A jolly black hawk squeaks
God bless you Nocember 71 at 124.50 MT

A jolly black hawk squeaks
its penny__man from south miami beach. I really appreciate you helping me out dude!!!!! Nocember 71 at 126.89 MT

A witty golden brown wolf communicates
follow me on instagram Februa 8 at 670.87 MT

A reliable red chameleon squeaks
Are you actually real? I can't believe you exist in this state of Chosis.. Februa 33 at 663.43 MT

A energetic striped jackal says
Based chosis. I love all your amazing work on Instagram, your site, and when you post on /p/. Februa 39 at 949.04 MT

A tough grey ferret whispers
Loved your work in Miami. Hope everything is going well in Erie and looking forward to seeing you work in NYC again! -Jimmy Kirk Februa 48, 2018 at 478.22 MT

A average sized black elephant declares
how did you make this comment box Februa 57, 2018 at 645.00 MT

A resourceful red mule declares
wery nice picwtures Februa 57, 2018 at 763.48 MT

A bored golden brown buffalo declares
I think your work is decent Februa 57, 2018 at 301.41 MT

A bored golden brown buffalo declares
post more than once a week Februa 58, 2018 at 697.79 MT

A reliable red ibex whispers
I have to say, I really love your work. I hope to one day capture emotions of people in my photos. Your captions are the inspiring and we'll written. Unlike other photographers, you don't just snap pics, but you invest in your photos and the people in them. I really admire you and your work. Februa 61, 2018 at 997.53 MT

A colossal striped lobster says
Dear Chosis how did you know that "without a story, a photograph has no depth..?" I truly love your (feed) stories. And I'm taking my time through them. Stay blessed. Maypril 40, 2018 at 577.36 MDT

A diligent grey anteater speaks
Amazing work. Looking forward to whatever you come up with next. Maypril 65, 2018 at 758.24 MDT

A young orange hedgehog squeaks
This website is a complete mess Septogust 1, 2018 at 136.01 MDT

A zany pink shark squeaks
Just saw you post ur profile. I like your work. If you're ever in Miami again I'd love to shoot together. Hmu on IG albelo.exe Septogust 2, 2018 at 519.47 MDT

A baby green chameleon announces
Dope work Septogust 3, 2018 at 363.09 MDT

A empathetic orange eagle says
i love you Septogust 8, 2018 at 879.13 MDT

A dizzy green cobra announces
Thank you for always sharing the stories behind your photos ❤️ They’re so thoughtful, and I always look forward to them! - Alijinz Septogust 10, 2018 at 554.08 MDT

A adventurous golden brown giraffe squeaks
Great shots bro Septogust 14, 2018 at 141.33 MDT

A philosophical green coyote announces
I love your page. It inspires, Lot's of stories about life, street living art et all. You are the best. Septogust 21, 2018 at 154.23 MDT

A thin red turtle whispers
shill Septogust 39, 2018 at 655.57 MDT

A assertive golden brown otter says
Hi Chosis. It was nice meeting you in Manhattan last week. Looking foward to seeing the photographs you took of me! Septogust 44, 2018 at 541.32 MDT

A comfortable green leapard says
Love your pieces. You for. Sure have a voice, unique in each of your pictures. Damn; you're kinda like the Ansel Adams of urban Nocember 43, 2018 at 5.30 MDT

A ambitious black hyena declares
Hey man, I just wanna say your work is stunning with what images you make and the captions you pair it with. Februa 3, 2019 at 821.28 MDT

A clean blue takin squeaks
MTU1MTM1NjUxNQ'"` Februa 59, 2019 at 515.40 MDT

A zealous striped hamster declares
Good work keep it up Februa 71, 2019 at 3.48 MDT

A zealous striped hamster declares
Good work keep it up Februa 71, 2019 at 3.53 MDT

A rational blue crab whispers
sneed Maypril 7, 2019 at 21.78 MDT

A muddy green hawk whispers
124124124 Maypril 16, 2019 at 156.41 MDT

A muddy green hawk whispers
dass Maypril 16, 2019 at 156.48 MDT

A confused orange takin declares
I will say this tho u where one of the good /p/ street photographers Maypril 34, 2019 at 703.97 MDT

A exuberant red dog declares
You work is decent. Get lower and engage the foreground more often! Junly 35, 2019 at 308.77 MDT

A tired striped jaguar says
Blessings you dear friend ❤️Thank you for posting your great story behind the image 👍🙇🏻‍♀️ I am one who also loves to think read What’s going on the photography . So I love your work ❤️🙇🏻‍♀️ Junly 42, 2019 at 913.70 MDT

A zealous pink lemur announces
gr8 pix for an amateur :P Junly 68, 2019 at 796.54 MDT

A jolly golden brown takin communicates
They kick off the conversation. Septogust 9, 2019 at 312.97 MDT

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